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FASB proposes to add recognition, derecognition guidance to conceptual framework

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Articles, Lease Accounting

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Summary provided by This article discusses a new FASB proposal, guiding how we think about the items in financial statements.

The Financial Accounting Standards Board is proposing a new chapter in its conceptual framework discussing the recognition and derecognition of an item in financial statements.

FASB’s conceptual framework contains a set of interrelated objectives and fundamentals to provide the board with a useful tool as it sets standards.

A Statement of Financial Accounting Concepts is nonauthoritative and doesn’t establish or change GAAP, but it can be useful in guiding how standard-setters and accountants alike think about the items in financial statements.

The proposed chapter would become Chapter 5 of FASB Concepts Statement No. 8, Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting. It would resemble the rest of the framework, establishing concepts FASB would then use when developing its standards for financial accounting and reporting.

The proposed chapter spells out the recognition and derecognition criteria and guidance on when an item should be incorporated into and removed from financial statements. FASB asked Tuesday for stakeholders to offer feedback on three proposed recognition criteria an item should meet to be recognized in financial statements, depending on the usual cost constraint and materiality considerations. Those proposed criteria include:

  • Definitions: The item meets the definition of an element of financial statements;
  • Measurability: The item is measurable and has a relevant measurement attribute; and
  • Faithful representation: The item can be depicted and measured with faithful representation.

FASB is looking for comments on whether derecognition — the process of removing an item from financial statements of a reporting entity as an asset, liability or equity — should happen when an item no longer meets any one of the recognition criteria.
The proposed chapter, including information on how to submit comments to FASB, can be found here. FASB is asking its stakeholders to review and comment on the proposed chapter by Feb. 21, 2023.

ASC 842 Transition Guide

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ASC 842 Transition Guide